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         Quality Assurance (QA) monitors the progress made by individual workers and collective programs and services to provide and maintain the highest standards of care, compliance, and continuity for the residents of Ward 8. In otherwords, QA provides training to staff, monitor programs, and ensure overall accountability to our families, funders, and stake holders.


QA identifies service delivery protocols and provide training to track efforts used towards client engagement, retention, and progress towards desired outcomes. 

QA monitors and reviews data on individual participants; participants being serviced at a specific support center; and all participants serviced across the Far Southeast Collaborative network. ​Data is collected at the individual and participant level to assess whether the program is meeting process standards and implementing the program as intended.​


QA maintains practice standards by evaluating worker’s performance through use of quality controls such as internal audits, monitoring reports and tracking workers percentages of meeting service delivery goals.  



  In direct cash       assistance via our        Thrive Program


Residents vaccinated via our COVID ambassador intiative



Residents vaccinated via #dontmissyourshots


Community grant dollars distributed throughout Ward 8



Students supported via our Back 2 School Drive 


Laptops distributed to Ward 8 youth & their families 


Doors knocked to bring COVID-19 vaccine awareness 


Units of Naloxone distributed in Ward 4,5,7, & 8


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