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The mission of the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative is to act as a catalyst to develop, nurture and sustain partnerships of residents, agencies, and institutions in the Southeast community and to create a healthy socioeconomic environment through which every child and family has an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and to lead a productive life.


The philosophy and guiding principles of the FSFSC are expressed through the following beliefs:

  • Healthy families are key to the success of our children and they must have the necessary tools to provide their children with safety and well-being.

  • Neighborhoods and communities have the responsibility to support family well-being so that children are nurtured and prepared for responsible adulthood.

  • Collaboratives are community-based, neighborhood-owned service delivery models that respect and cherish the integrity of families and tap into the resources of their neighborhoods for socially responsible action.


FSFSC envisions a community where:

  • Children have healthy relationships with their parents

  • Parents are capable, financially and emotionally, of taking care of their children

  • There are affordable, accessible, and quality resources, e.g. health care, counseling, housing, children, etc.

  • There is employment and other requirements for a stable family

  • Our students can compete on or above par with students from anywhere

  • There is low or no violence

  • Churches are the center of culture, social development, and cohesiveness for families

  • Elderly are respected and included and intergenerational relationships are fostered

  • There are positive images and messages

  • Police and residents work for peace and tranquility

  • Businesses enhance and keep their assets in the community

Our Programs

Our largest division spearheads our intake, school-based, senior citizen, parenting, men & boys, and other direct-service initiatives.

Our Impact

Quality matters. Our in-house Quality Assurance division measures, tracks & reports the impact we make across the community.

Ways to Give

Your tax deductable donation will ensure that we can continue our work.

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