Our families, residents and partners have access to quality-focused programs that serve children, families and youth. Our largest division spearheads our intake, school-based, transitional housing, parenting, men & boys, and other direct-service initiatives.


Men and Boys Program

The goal of the Men and Boys program is to provide men and boys with support services and opportunities to increase fathers’ ability to contribute positively to the well – being of their children, improve the quality of relationships between fathers and the mothers of their children.

School-Based Truancy Prevention Programming

Our school-based truancy prevention work, through the Justice Grants Administration's 'Show Up, Stand Out' program, is focused on providing academic supports, family engagement and case management services necessary to ensure that students are coming to school every day ready to learn.

Congress Heights Senior Wellness Center


In partnership with the DC Department on Aging and the East River Family Strengthening Collaborative, we provide comprehensive programs that promote the health and wellness of DC senior residents 60 years of age and older.  All services focus on wellness, health promotion and disease prevention. Health care services are provided to help seniors in the community maintain their independence and avoid premature institutionalization.

Community Impact Centers

Our community-based resource centers are designed to provide a large array of services and support for Ward 8 individuals and families. Our full-time staff focuses on providing resources necessary to put children and families is the best possible position to be stable and successful. We currently operate Impact Centers at the following locations:

  • Barry Farm -  2616 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, SE 

  • Atlantic Homes - 4315 3rd Street, SE

  • Malcolm X Opportunity Center - 1351 Alabama Avenue, SE

"Milestones" Supervised Visitation

MSVP is rooted in the belief that the reunification of families is a lengthy, personal and emotional process. Therefore, the ‘Milestones’ mission is to offer Ward 8 families, the appropriate time, tools, environment, and mental/emotional supports that can empower and realistically prepare them for the homecoming of their children.

Rapid Housing Assistance

The Rapid Housing Program is funded by the Child and Family Services (CFSA) in collaboration with FSFSC will provide limited assistance in the form of short-term subsides to families for whom the lack of affordable housing will likely result in children being brought into care, or the lack of affordable housing is the major barrier to family stabilization. Young adults, with and/or without children that are transitioning out of care are also eligible to participate in the Rapid Housing Program.

Nurturing Parenting Program

The goals of the Nurturing Parenting Program is to increase the parent/caregiver capacity of residents in the community to improve, enhance and support their abilities to understand and respond to the developmental, educational, recreational, spiritual and socio-economic needs of children and young adults to create, maintain and grow healthy, thriving families and communities.